Our home is our refuge. That is why all the rooms in the house must be beautiful, organized, and cozy. Although confinement times have passed, we spend much time at home. Most studies agree that we stay in our homes around 60% of the day, which means more than half the time.

Now look around you. Do you like your house? If the answer is not a resounding yes, don't worry. You can do many things to make it your place in the world. But, above all, in a happy and optimistic space, which invites you to enjoy the calm time, the tranquility of an infusion, and laughter with the family.

Turning your home into a happy place means setting your mind to it. Today, we have simple tricks to flood everything in your home décor with joy. It's easier than you imagine!

Bet everything to gain joy at home.

The chaos in your living room, bedroom, and closet is nothing more than an image of the mess in your head. Coming home to a lovely, clean, tidy home is all you need to reset the counters. Spend time tidying up your house, throwing away what no longer serves you. That which gets in the way and makes your home look overloaded. Try to leave and keep the house just as you like to find it when you arrive after a tiring day. If you work remotely, do it even more.

Add joy to your home by choosing soft tones.

An environment with soft tones is ideal for adding joy to your home and calm and tranquility for the whole family in a modern home décor. You already know that there is a lot of science behind colors: light tones are best, and green and blue are great, especially if we combine them with others, such as white or beige. Some tones, like red, are more energetic, and we don't have to give them up, but we shouldn't abuse them.

Change the decoration of the living room for a more cheerful touch.

Don't put your hands on your head: you don't need to change everything. For example, you can give a new touch to your living room just by changing the covers of your cushions, choosing a new rug from home decor stores, or saving (once and for all) those figurines that were brought to you as souvenirs. Choose a simple decoration but one that contributes and gives a twist to the decoration of your living room: the illusion will do the rest.

Invest in art or designer pieces that bring you joy.

You can also have art at home. You don't need to invest in great art pieces; nothing could be further from the truth. Buying art or designer pieces at Trish Scully is an excellent way to contribute to the local economy and help the artists around us. Small details with meaning are enough: a picture you like, a small sculpture or figure, a bowl of fruit made of ceramic. It doesn't matter what: try to make it have a soul and transport you to some moment, person, or place.

Choose photos that inspire you and give you the joy of living.

We have talked to you about unique home décor and will continue doing so now through photos. Ensure that those elements you choose to decorate your home are personal and essential to you. This will help you connect with your emotions and comfort you. These decorative details can be objects that mean something (a trip, a personal gift, etc.) or photos of people, animals, or places that move you. This way, you will always have them present.

One more step in lighting to bring joy to your home

After Christmas, we usually move the lights, trees, and other decorative elements in most homes. This is an excellent time to renew the decoration of the living room. But did you know that in times of war in Europe, lights meant peace? Why not leave some lights that give us peace and warmth throughout the year? You don't have to retrieve the Christmas lights from the drawer: there are inexpensive LED garlands at Trish Scully that you can place anywhere in the house, giving a cheerful, intimate, and warm touch to your living room or bedroom.

Choose fresh or artificial flowers, but flowers.

Flowers are a sure antidote to sadness. Especially if they are fresh, although we sometimes have the opportunity to get some; if you want to enjoy the romance of flowers, you can also choose artificial ones. Today, high-quality flowers will allow you to decorate any room in your house with taste and elegance. If they are fresh, you may also enjoy their aroma.


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