This classic linen tartan napkin completes any gathering. Thanksgiving or a harvest feast would be ideal settings for the classic cranberry and orange woven tartan pattern. Its history is deeply ingrained in Scotland. The napkin's border is stitched with a design of golden stars. The Trish Scully royal stewart tartan napkins. are sure to wow your guests. Each one is roughly 43 by 43 cm in size. This will ensure that you have enough to create a simple square form, or you may use your imagination to fold them into intricate patterns to add interest to your spread. 

It is composed of a low-maintenance fabric that has the appearance and feel of soft brushed cotton. The pattern is primarily red and green tartan with sporadic white accents. The pattern's adaptability is derived from its range of classic tones, which complement both traditional and contemporary design. They are also an excellent choice for the autumn. 

If the table runner and napkins match, you can give your dining room table scape a festive touch. Your visitors will be surprised. This napkin happens to get washed at 40 degree temperature. 65% polyester and 35% cotton is there in the fabric.

The tartan napkin is red and black

A red and black tartan napkin is of superior quality and is very low maintenance. It will retain its beautiful colour and texture for many years to come. In addition to being simple to iron, wash, and dry, the fabric provides a durable finish. Furthermore, it is flexible and supple. Plaid and tartan are synonymous phrases. 

A kitchen or dining room can be perfectly outfitted with a red and black tartan napkin. This will not only make your space look better, but it will also give guests a warm first impression of your home. A tartan napkin adds a touch of luxury and cosiness that elevates dining experiences. 

A great option for a more formal event 

A black and red tartan napkin could be the perfect finishing touch for your house, garnering praise from loved ones. 

Any formal occasion, such as a wedding, reception, banquet, christening, or other celebration, calls for a red and black tartan napkin. 

Because of their striking colour and design, tartan napkins are a great choice for lodging facilities, medical facilities, dining establishments, and trade exhibitions. 

For any formal occasion, this exquisite traditional tartan napkin will lend sophistication and grandeur to your tabletop. That is the ideal choice at this occasion. 

A fine linen pattern that matches any table setting and serves as the ideal backdrop for a memorable dinner party is a sure thing. All of your guests will be enthralled with this fabric. 

Perfect for the winter months or the beginning of the New Year

The fabric is also highly robust and easy to clean. This is in addition to being of excellent quality. It lasts a very long time. This gorgeous cloth is ideal for enhancing the beauty and individuality of your table. It can also enhance the dining experience. Trish Scully Stewart tartan napkins come in a variety of sizes and seven unique colour combinations. 

That sounds like a great idea for the winter holidays

Make a unique Christmas or New Year's tablescape with complimentary pieces, or add some colour by mixing and matching different shades of green runners, yellow placemats, and red napkins. A red and black napkin is a classic that's a terrific choice for a picnic.

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