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Article: Little Fashionistas: Cute and Affordable Child Dresses for Trendy Tots

Little Fashionistas: Cute and Affordable Child Dresses for Trendy Tots
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Little Fashionistas: Cute and Affordable Child Dresses for Trendy Tots

Do you still need to decide what costume to choose for your children or are you looking for something original and unique for them? Whether you buy the costume at the last minute or prefer to make it by hand, we will give you some tips to make your children's Carnival party successful with our products at Trish Scully.

Some essential tips are worth remembering so your children are comfortable and do not suffer mishaps. Therefore, before deciding on the costume, here are our recommendations to make your choice the most appropriate. Comfort and safety are always taken into account. 

Children's opinions are important. 

    Although it may seem obvious, we will always consider our children's opinions. Except for babies, children like to choose what they will wear. That they are happy and comfortable with their costume will be essential for the celebration's success. Indeed, we care that you can keep a good memory of this day and that you appear with a broad smile in the photos! So we can make sure that the costume is to your liking. 

    The costume must be made according to the ambient temperature. 

    It is also essential that we remember that we are in winter. Even the ice princess can get cold wearing short sleeves or a skinny dress. For this reason, we will think about the ambient temperature when choosing the girls boutique dresses. We can opt for a warm costume, such as animal pajamas, or cover them with T-shirts, tights, and thermal socks before putting them in the finest dresses or outfits. So, when we choose the costume size, we will ensure it is not too tight to put the appropriate underwear on it. 

    Keep children away from heat sources. 

    It is better to keep children warm than to place them near a heat source (stove, radiator, fireplace, etc.). Although we buy dresses made of non-flammable materials, many costumes include synthetic fibers, wigs, or hoods, so it is best to keep them away from risk areas. 

    Be careful with makeup: no makeup before age 

    Makeup is another crucial aspect to consider in a child's costume. We should never apply makeup to children under three years old because their skin is very sensitive and could get into their eyes. In the case of older children, we also recommend applying makeup or not, depending on the child's character. If it concerns children who may be bothered by it, it is better to opt for a mask they can remove when the party advances.

    In any case, if you prefer makeup, we at Trish Scully recommend water-based makeup, suitable for children's use, easy to apply and remove, and that carries the CE logo. We will be careful with the eyes and lips; cocoa is better colored than lipstick. And we will always apply a moisturizing cream base before makeup. 

    The costume must be appropriate for the child's age. 

    When purchasing child dresses, it is advisable to look at the recommended age of the costumes. It is not usually a coincidence that costumes for younger children do not have small pieces that children can drop and put in their mouths. We will also avoid decorative stones, pointed materials, or materials that can be cut into ribbons or cords. For more petite girls, it is also not advisable for them to wear high-heeled shoes. If you are going to a party with bouncy castles (you will take off your shoes quickly), princess heels may be an option. But if it is a parade or they will be standing for a long time, the girls will surely not stand it.   

    Comfort is essential. 

    If we all like to wear comfortable clothes, kids even more so. For this reason, our little girl dresses boutique will opt for comfortable costumes for children, especially if they go to the bathroom alone. Velcro is better than buttons and zippers on the front; be careful with overalls, tight socks, etc. 

    We will look at the labels of the costumes and accessories or makeup, especially if our baby suffers from any allergies or intolerances. It would help if you didn't complain because the costume is itchy or tight. 

    Maximum caution with fantasy contact lenses. 

    In some cases, the costumes include fantasy contact lenses at Trish Scully. In the case of children, it is always better to avoid them. However, if we want to include them in our children's costumes, we will ensure they are safe and spotless. We will buy them in authorized establishments, we will wash our hands well before touching them, and, of course, we will take them off before going to sleep. With our eyes, we should take extreme caution.

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