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Article: The Ultimate Dinner Party Essential: Why Bone China Dinner Sets Are a Must-Have

The Ultimate Dinner Party Essential: Why Bone China Dinner Sets Are a Must-Have

The Ultimate Dinner Party Essential: Why Bone China Dinner Sets Are a Must-Have

Bone China porcelain is the most precious of porcelain! How is it produced? Why this name? Discover the answer to these questions and our service, which is the best porcelain tableware on the market.

Among the various types of porcelain, Bone China is undoubtedly the one that is considered by all to be the most prestigious.

Indeed, Bone China is a type of porcelain of the highest quality, with respectable characteristics that make it an exceptional complement to a table.

At Trish Scully, we have always been very attentive to everything related to table decoration and assembly, which is why one or more bone china porcelain services could not be missing from our assortment.

Today, we will try to understand why Bone China deserves all this respect, what makes it especially attractive, and which tableware is made of this material.

What does Bone China mean?

Bone China is a type of porcelain used mainly to produce plates and tableware for domestic and professional use (restaurants and hotels).

The bone china dinnerware is usually used on essential occasions or in medium-high-level restaurants.

Its name contains the word bone, which in English means bones precisely because its composition contains animal bone powder.

The term China, however, does not indicate the origin of this type of porcelain, but rather the attempt, mainly by the English, to reproduce in their own homes a porcelain with characteristics similar to oriental ones.

This attempt achieved the expected success precisely by adding animal bone powder to the mass for its realization.

What is Fine Bone China?

Even within Bone China porcelain, there are different qualities, and Fine Bone China indicates the highest quality. Fine Bone China is distinguished by the total amount of bone ash included in the paste used to make it. It contains at least 30% animal bone ash, allowing you to create even thinner plates with more delicate and translucent edges than regular porcelain.

The result is a porcelain tile that is even more resistant to impact and thermal shock and has an even longer life.

Therefore, a fine bone china dinner set is even thinner and lighter than a porcelain or regular one. Its tones are even warmer and tend towards ivory, while everyday porcelain tends to be brighter.

How is Chinese porcelain made?

Bone China porcelain is produced by making dough containing feldspar and kaolin material, adding at least 30% animal bone phosphate. The animal bones are first crushed, degelatinized, and calcined at around 1250°C. The subsequent firing process of the material is quite similar to that of regular porcelain.

What are the characteristics of Bone China?

Bone China has characteristics that differ significantly from those of regular porcelain. Let's examine the main ones together.


Bone China has a colour that tends towards ivory, which can be more or less accentuated. This is one of their most characteristic sides and gives a certain charm to Bone China dishes. Therefore, it differs significantly from everyday porcelain's shades of white.


Bone china charger plates are usually much more elegant than normal porcelain plates. Their edges are clean and delicate, and their appearance warm and elegant. The difference with classic porcelain is also quite evident in this case.


Bone China has a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from classic porcelain. Take a bone china plate, place your hand on the back, and hold the plate up to the light. You will see the shadow of your hand appear on the opposite side of the plate, precisely because Bone China has a certain transparency, which makes it decidedly unique.


Chinese porcelain plates are also very durable because porcelain is tough. Its strength is often more significant than that of ordinary porcelain dishes.

Bone China is the strongest of the porcelains, with a particular resistance to mechanical and physical stress. This property allows you to make thinner plates without giving up a long, useful life.

Sturdiness and strength: an unexpected pairing 

Porcelain cups are delicate; thus, one could suppose they are not very durable. But that isn't even close to the reality. The exceptional strength of bone china cups is due to using bone ash during manufacturing. Because of their excellent robustness and beauty, bone china mugs are a great option for daily usage because they look elegant and can survive the rigours of daily living.

Comparing good porcelain with different varieties 

Even though bone china has a distinctive composition, it's interesting how it compares to other premium porcelain varieties. For instance, porcelain and Chinese porcelain are comparable in their translucent nature and delicate appearance. However, because bone ash isn't a part of porcelain's composition, porcelain lacks the strength and durability that porcelain provides. On the other hand, Chinese porcelain is more translucent and elegant than earthenware or stoneware despite its reputation for durability.

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