At almost every wedding there are children who can be invited guests or full participants in the process. So, in some ceremonies, girls carry the bride's train. If your child is invited to a wedding or other special event, you need to buy him beautiful clothes. Trish Scully offer a large selection of elegant children's dresses for girls of different ages. The catalog presents various models: mini and midi lengths, white, powder and even red, with a full or fitted skirt. How not to get confused and buy fancy girl dresses for weddings for your child?

Tips for choosing

Before you buy a children's wedding dress, you need to find out how the celebration is planned. The choice of outfit largely depends on the format of the celebration. For a classic wedding with a banquet, an elegant model with a fluffy floor-length skirt and many decorative elements: voluminous sleeves, a bow and sequins is suitable. If you are invited to a themed celebration, this must be taken into account. On the site you can find not only princess outfits, but also retro models. Trish Scully also offer children's dresses for the fall holiday, New Year's and prom models.

When choosing childrens dresses for weddings, you should take into account the girl's age. Little ones will be comfortable in fluffy dresses with ruffles and frills, girls aged 9-13 years old will suit models reminiscent of adult dresses: with a strict cut and a minimum of decorativeness. At the same time, any clothing should fit perfectly and not interfere with movements. Do not forget that you are buying a wedding dress for a child who will not sit decorously at the table throughout the celebration.

Fashionable styles

Designers offer young ladies dresses in a wide variety of styles. In children's wedding fashion there is almost the same abundance of models as in adults. Perhaps the only difference is the more active use of bright colors in dresses for girls, which are often combined with snow-white fabrics. Trish Scully have collected for you the most current outfits for girls that fully reflect current trends. 

So, in the 2024 season, the most popular children's wedding dresses are:

Empire style outfit

These dresses have a high waist and an a-line skirt. A mandatory element is a thin belt, often with a bow. Dresses for girls for weddings are made from light fabrics. An empire style outfit looks elegant and sophisticated, suitable for girls 10-13 years old.


A classic option that will never go out of either adult or children's wedding fashion. A sleeveless ball gown with a fitted top and fluffy bottom is a win-win option for girls of any age. The skirt can be wavy, shiny, multi-tiered - all this is extremely relevant in wedding fashion. It is ideal if the bodice of the outfit is decorated with rhinestones or lace.


Such floor-length dresses look solemn and luxurious and can be made from fabrics with complex textures. The top is decorated with lace, rhinestones, and maybe a belt with a bow. The bottom is most often multi-layered, which makes the model light and airy.

Dress in Greek style

It has a straight silhouette with a high waist, and is decorated with various draperies and embroidery. This outfit is suitable for older girls who want to emphasize their mature taste. This is an ideal New Year's dress for children, because it looks festive and solemn.

Particularly worth mentioning are dresses that replicate adult models. Such outfits are appropriate if a girl is participating in a celebration. It’s great if you find a dress that has a certain similarity with the bride’s model, for example, repeats some details: silhouette, drapery, decorative elements.

Trish Scully offers a large selection of stylish wedding dresses not only for the bride, but also girls dresses for weddings. They make sure that everyone at the event looked great! 

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