Immersing yourself in the role of their favorite princess is of course a wonderful game for children, but role-playing is also a very important part of development. Stimulating the imagination encourages a child to put himself in the shoes of others and by thinking and acting 'out of the box', he learns to express feelings or experiences. Your child also learns to develop his or her creativity and thinking skills in this way. 

This development of the imagination takes place from toddler age (2 to 3 years) and reaches a peak around the ages of 4 and 5. As a parent you can stimulate this development by purchasing princess dress up costumes. But what should you pay attention to when choosing a new dress? Trish Scully will help you get started with this blog post.

Which princess does your daughter want to be?

The first step in choosing a princess dress starts with the question: which princess does your daughter want to be? There is a good chance that she has been introduced to a princess through a book or a film that really appeals to her imagination. In such a case, there is no better gift than a princess-themed dress.

Do you read Cinderella to her every night? Or can't she get enough of the frozen movies? That's a signal you can't ignore. There are several dresses for every known theme. Once you know the movie or fairy tale, you can move on to selecting the dress and accessories.

Where and when will she become that princess?

When choosing a princess dress, it is important to take the occasion and/or the weather into account. If your daughter mainly wears the dress in the summer, she will wear less clothing underneath. But in winter there will be a thick sweater underneath and you will soon have to go for a size larger. 

Even if you want the dress to last a longer period, for example to attend Carnival and a birthday, it is best to buy the dress as it grows. One size larger often only makes a difference of a few centimeters in length and width and that can often make just that difference. But be careful: it should not fall too long, because then your daughter could trip over it.

If it is a one-off occasion, for example a family party or a visit to a park, you can feel free to go all out with glitter and other decorative elements. For example, a Disney princess dress is a good option. Thanks to the image of the princess dress costume, your daughter will identify maximally with her royal highness.

Will she play with it in the playground or an amusement park? Then you prefer to choose as few glitters, zippers and buttons as possible. Little Adventures is a good example of a brand that makes princess dresses that can take a beating. The seams do not itch on sensitive children's skin, and the dresses are easy to clean - put in the washing machine, tap and let dry. 

Which size do you choose?

Based on your child's age and clothing size or shoe size, choose the appropriate size. That is normally quite difficult because every brand has a different size. To ensure that you choose the right size, Trish Scully measure all products by hand and convert them to proper sizes. Dress length, waist width and possibly top width can be clearly stated with each item. 

How do you complete the outfit?

Once you've chosen a princess dress, you're not done yet. Because have you ever seen rain boots or sneakers peeking out from under a ball gown? Fortunately, Trish Scully make it easy for you, because with every dress Trish Scully provide a ready-made selection of matching accessories. 

Regal customer service

Trish Scully is more than an online store for princess dress up costumes. Thanks to the efforts and creativity of founder, Trish Scully have quickly become the main supplier to many families. Trish Scully focuses on your wishes with great efficiency, after which she provides you with valuable advice.


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