Do you want to dress up and look like Dorothy at a themed party or a costume competition? Well, you may try a dorothy costume. You will make a grand entry and the most impactful impression on the onlookers.

These iconic dresses symbolize timeless classics. The dresses reflect the guiltless charm of Dorothy. Ideally, these dresses are excellent choices for portraying a character, personality, and style.

Just make sure that while selecting the dresses you pay close attention to their minute details. 

Look at the essentials of the Dorothy costume

You already know the signature style of Dorothy. So, when you select a Dorothy Dress check the essentials so that you are recognized instantly. 

Ideally, you will need a combination of a blue gingham skirt and blouse combo or a dress along with the signature white apron.

The slippers

You will need to wear the right pair of slippers with your Dorothy costume. Typically, it is a ruby-red pair of slippers that create a wonderful and contrasting look. The attire will be incomplete with these glittering pairs.

There is a wide variety of such slippers available but when you choose make sure that it is either flat or has a modest heel. Also, consider the comfort level if you intend to wear them for a long period.

The hair

You must do your hair just as Dorothy does. You will therefore need the right accessories and ensure your hair is braided. The two pigtails are essential features of Dorothy’s hair that create an inimitable charm.

If you have long hair, you will look good when you secure each braid using blue-colored ribbons to match the dress. However, if you have short hair, you may use a wig similar to the hairstyle of Dorothy.

Choose the right accessories

You will need to use the right type of accessory with the dress. The most significant accessory of this dress is the dog, Toto. How do you get Toto as your companion? Simple! Get a stuffed Toto and carry it in the wicker basket.

Alternatively, if you are lucky you can search for a small dog to accompany you. This will however make things look much more authentic than carrying a stuffed dog in a basket.

Follow the character

If you love Dorothy then you must stay true to her and her character. She is known and loved for her sweet demeanor, innocence, envious mannerisms, and personality. If you want to embody her, be like her.

You will be better off adopting her mannerisms, speaking softly and kindly with others, and doing everything that Dorothy does according to her gentle behavior.

This will make the dress more convincing.


Makeup is the most important aspect to justify a toddler dorothy costume or any other. So, keep it simple and look natural with a little foundation, mascara, and pink blushes on your cheeks.


A dorothy costume is meant to be charming and youthful. So, keep things simple to symbolize it.