If you like the character of wearing the little red riding hood costume you will surely know about the distinctive look with that hood in the red cloak. It is the hallmark of the costume.

You can dress up in the same way at a costume party, Halloween, or any other occasion. However, you will need a few specific things along with it to look as recognizable and authentic as the character itself. 

If you do not know about these specific requirements, do not fret, because this article will have you ‘covered.’

The Cloak of the Little Red Riding Hood Costume    

The most important aspect of the costume is the hooded cloak in red color. This essential part of the outfit is iconic.

To ensure the authenticity of the dress, make sure that it is deep red and has a hood along with it. You can choose a shorter cloak reaching to your keens or even a longer one of a much fuller length. The key is to match the dress with the one worn by the character.

Skirt and Blouse or a Dress

You will also need to wear a dress under the cloak. It can be a combo of a skirt and blouse or just a modest dress with a simple design. Choose a neutral color, preferably beige or white. This will give a classic look.

You can experiment with different designs and patterns as well if you like. However, keep in mind, that whatever you wear underneath the cloak should complement it. It is essential to maintain the innocence of Little Red Riding Hood.

The Basket

The basket of Little Red Riding Hood is symbolic. It epitomizes the character. You may choose to carry a wicker basket much smaller in size than the original. 

Make sure it is decorated properly to make the overall ensemble more attractive. You may use ribbons and flowers to decorate the basket.

Carry some goodies in the basket. It will also add to the authenticity of the outfit. You may fill the basket with bread, artificial fruits, and even some smart toys. Make sure that the goodies look similar to those carried by the character in the story.

The Shoes

It is needless to say you need to wear red shoes along with the costume. It may be a simple and inexpensive pair of shoes but it must be essentially red. This will pop up the color and tie the entire outfit together.

The Accessories

You will also need a few specific accessories along with the costume. A locket or a simple necklace, a white-colored apron, and white gloves will surely add to the charm.

Keep your hairstyle simple with a low ponytail at the most. Highlight your eyes, cheeks, and lips but make sure everything looks innocent and natural.


There is no restriction to creativity in this specific aspect. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing the little red riding hood costume.