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Article: How to Choose and Wear an Ice Queen Costume

How to Choose and Wear an Ice Queen Costume

How to Choose and Wear an Ice Queen Costume

The choice of Ice Queen Costume and the way you wear it will allow you to unleash your inner beauty and elegance in the best way possible.

However, most people do not know the right ways to choose and wear them. This article is specially designed to guide them through the process. If you want to look sensationally good in these costumes, read on.

Make the Right Choice of Ice Queen Costume

To choose the right kind of Ice Queen costume for you, consider the following factors:

The size – It is needless to say the dress should fit you properly. This is important because it is the most important aspect of a dress to look good. It will also ensure that you carry it flawlessly and look confident wearing the dress.

The color – The next important factor to consider to choosing the right dress is the color. It should match the skin tone and the combination should be seamless, if you opt for multiple colors.    

The length – You must choose the length of the dress according to your preference. It can be to your ankle or the floor, you should not look or feel uncomfortable wearing or carrying the dress. Also, consider tripping hazards.

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Tips to Wear 

Now that you have made your selection, here are the tips to wear the Ice Queen costume perfectly.

Consider the foundation:

Every dress should have a perfect base, and in this case, it is the costume itself. Make sure that it is the focal point. 

You may choose something that looks regal like a long gown that flows behind you seamlessly. Preferably in pure white or icy blue color, sparkling silver sequins, intricate lacework, faux fur, or beadwork will give it an additional flair and magical touch.

Wear the right accessories:

Wear anything that will shine on your Ice Queen costume as accessories. It can be a sparkling crystal or silver tiara, an equally sparkling necklace, earrings, long gloves preferably in white to add to the elegance, and a cape for that regal touch.

Wear the right makeup:

Your makeup will play a crucial role. Make sure you wear it right to look beautiful and ‘cool.’ A pale complexion with such dresses usually looks good. So, apply foundation properly and use eyeshadow, mascara, and eyelashes for more emphasis. Use deep, dark lipstick for a striking contrast and regal touch.


You can wear a wig in silver or white or be in your natural hair but ensure using braids and updos. As for the shoes, wear boots or heels with silver studs.

Finally, consider your nails to add a new meaning to your dress. Once again, silver, white, or icy blue nail polish is recommended with a little bit of nail art.


Irrespective of the occasion, the Ice Queen Costume looks good on anyone who wears the right attire in the right way. You can wear it to a Halloween, any themed party, or just for a night out, Ice Queen costume is the perfect wear.