The communion dresses look most elegant for their design and the purpose makes them look ethereal as well. However, choosing the right communion dress for your little one may not be very easy if you do not know how to go about it.

Since this is a sacred and special moment for the child, you cannot compromise on the look and style aspects by simply choosing the dress with an ‘anything will do’ approach.

There are a few specific factors to consider while choosing the First Communion Dresses for girls which will add to the sanctity of the occasion and also to the innocence of the child.

This article entails the factors and process to follow for selecting the right communion dress for your little princess.

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Tradition and style of the communion dresses

Ideally, when you choose the first communion dresses for girls, you must ensure the style meets the tradition perfectly. The style factor may be personal but the tradition is linked with the family. Both should blend in perfectly and seamlessly.

So, you may go with those white or ivory-colored traditional dresses typically worn in the first communion. These dresses are no doubt classic and modest at the same time.

However, to add to the personality, you can choose a dress that will add some modern flair but at all costs, it should look elegant essentially. Usually, a satin dress with intricate lacework and pearls looks subtle and elegant on these occasions.

Choose the perfect length

You will get different types of First Communion Dresses in different lengths. Make sure that you choose one for your child depending on personal preference and comfort factors. 

An ankle-length dress looks elegant while a tea-length dress is most popular and favored due to the comfort factor and casual look. If you want things to be more formal and elegant, choose a floor-length dress.

Consider the sleeves

The communion dress you choose can have short sleeves, though long sleeves are preferred. Once again, it depends on the comfort factor. You must also consider the weather conditions. If it is spring or summer, a short-sleeve dress will be a good choice. Wearing long sleeves in winter will offer additional warmth.

A few specific variants of these dresses may have detachable sleeves. You may choose them if you want the best of both worlds.

Choose the right fabric

The fabric used to make the communion dress will play a crucial role and therefore influence your choice. This crucial factor will not only affect the look of the dress but also on the comfort level.

You may go with the popular choices such as silk, satin, lace, tulle, or organza, where each of these fabrics comes with their characteristic features and properties.

You must consider the weather once again while selecting the fabric.


In conclusion, the fit of the communion dresses is a very important consideration. Since it will be a one-time dress, do not choose just any size for your child. She should look good and comfortable throughout the occasion wearing the dress.