Are you infatuated with dorothy costume and wonder how many dresses has she worn? Ideally, the iconic character Dorothy Gale of L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" wears different types of dresses throughout her journey through the magical landscape. 

You will find her wardrobe stacked with different types of clothes. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration if it is said that wardrobe of Dorothy plays a significant but subtle role. 

Here in this article, the different types of dresses are outlined along with a brief explanation of each. This insight will make it easy for you while shopping for a Dorothy Dress.

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Blue Gingham Dorothy Costume

This is the iconic dress of Dorothy. This dress is a simple outfit. It has blue-and-white checks and is commonly known as pinafore. The dress is paired with another iconic item, a pair of red slippers.

This combination became popular and anyone wearing such a combination was thought to be imitating the character. The design of the dress may be simple but that does not stop it from becoming iconic and timeless. 

The dresses worn by Dorothy are all popular and you will even get toddler dorothy costume in some stores as well. 

Munchkin Dress

Dorothy is also seen wearing a new kind of gown presented by the Munchkins to her. Though she wore it briefly during the end of her journey, this munchkin dress is also quite appreciated by fashion aficionados. 

Once again, the gown comes with blue-and-white checks like her Gingham dress. However, the design of the munchkin dress is a bit different.

Emerald Gown

At a few specific stages of the story, Dorothy is seen wearing an emerald gown. This new set of clothing was gifted to her and her companions when they visited the Emerald City to visit the Wizard. 

The emerald green color made the dress look elegant. She made a huge impact with her dazzling costume. Ideally, green emerald color signifies grandeur and opulence.

Poppy Field Dress

Dorothy is also seen wearing a different dress when she passes through the poisonous poppy field and falls asleep with her friends due to the tranquilizing effect of the poppies.

The dress is presented by Glinda, the Good Witch of the South while sending snow to wake her up from sleep. This silver-colored dress also looks spectacular. If you find such a dress to wear, it may not protect you from any influence of poppies but will surely display elegance, beauty, and purity.


These are the most common dresses worn by Dorothy throughout her adventure. All these dresses symbolize different aspects of her character, the journey, as well as the world of magic she explores.

However, she is known and visualized more commonly in her blue gingham dress and that is why this is considered the most iconic dress of Dorothy Gale.

If you wear a dorothy costume with the right accessories and have Toto to accompany you, you will create a huge impression on others and a greater impact at the party.