First Communion Day is one of the most memorable childhood days for the children and the parents accompanying them in this new step in their faith. Choosing the girls' communion dresses is always a beautiful moment for mothers and daughters, a design they will keep in their memories - and that they will be able to remember, thanks to photos and videos - for a lifetime.

When the communion season arrives in April and May, choosing the dress is one of the most beautiful tasks but also one of the most difficult. Finding the communion dress that your daughter will love is complicated, so at Trish Scully, we want to help you with some tips.

Many brands specialize in communion clothing, from dresses to baptism suits. They always recommend looking for the dress a few months before to look at all kinds of proposals and find the ideal dress for the event. So, with time and these tips, you can see the perfect communion dress.

Tips for choosing the communion dress

Selecting first communion dresses may be difficult and stressful, just like choosing any other design for a significant occasion. Trish Scully says the most important thing for moms or those in charge of purchasing the dress to keep in mind is that it should be in line with the girl's style and personality. For example, several females have a more traditional style, so understanding their preferences can help you choose the ideal outfit.

A girl's first communion is a unique occasion in her life, and as many of you know, a vital component of the celebration is selecting the ideal outfit. Parents may need help to choose because there are so many different styles, cuts, and patterns for girls' communion gowns.

Know your daughter's taste.

Although it seems obvious, choosing the dress is the most critical factor. In the end, she is the one who has to like it. Sit down with her and review her Coordinanos catalogue, recommending and guiding her to choose the dress she has always wanted, especially since she will be with him all day.

Please don't overdo it.

We tend to abuse ornamentation on the dress, and who can blame us for seeing all the details of the dress that you can add, from communion crowns to bows? But this is a mistake; too many accessories will make the girl lose part of her innocence, and the outfit will have little taste.

Choose colour and materials.

Regarding the colour, all that remains is to choose white, although you can choose between its shades to choose that classic white. When selecting materials, we can give free rein to our creativity, from fabrics that fall and highlight the silhouette or looser ones that provide greater freedom of movement. There are countless examples of how to choose the ideal dress.

It is not a one-time dress.

It may be confusing because we usually call it a communion dress, but it has to be a piece of clothing you wear once and forget about. Nowadays, you can choose a beautiful dress that can be used for other types of events.

Choose the accessories

Another separate issue is choosing the accessories to be used along with the girl's communion dress. Selecting an accessory that doesn't match the outfit will ruin the image of the dress. Accessories that are too large or stand out excessively should not be chosen.

As we said, you don't have to overload your look with excess accessories.

Consider your daughter's style.

It would help if you considered the girl's distinct personality and sense of style when selecting communion dresses for girls. Include your daughter in the dress selection process because of this. Find out what clothing style she would wear to make him feel special on her big day. You will feel more involved and able to express her style if you listen to her ideas. 

 It's also crucial that you take into account their hobbies and interests. You might browse for communion gowns that match your daughter's enthusiasm if she has any specific interests or hobbies. If she enjoys dancing, for instance, you may search for a dress with tulle accents to give her a delicate, ethereal appearance.

Moreover, determine whether your daughter prefers more contemporary and avant-garde looks or something more classic and conventional. This can help you decide whether to check out dresses from Trish Scully with more modern shapes and unique elements or look at dresses with more traditional details like lace and long sleeves.

Now that you know what to choose for the communion dresses, you must visit the extensive Trish Scully catalogue or our showroom to try them in person. Find out with us.

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