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Article: Budding Beauties: Showcasing the Latest Trends in Flower Girl Dresses

Budding Beauties: Showcasing the Latest Trends in Flower Girl Dresses
flower girl dress

Budding Beauties: Showcasing the Latest Trends in Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girls are often the most endearing members of a bridal party, as they are entrusted with spreading happiness and petals of flowers. The flower girl is the first member of the bridal party to arrive at your wedding, so it's critical that her outfit creates a positive impression. Here are some of the top picks for flower girl costumes that are just as adorable as the young girls that wear them. This collection of Trish Scully toddler flower girl dresses ideas includes both traditional looks and more contemporary interpretations of the traditional style. These young ladies are absurdly adorable in addition to becoming more and more attractive every year. They are making the adults appear fantastic when it comes to fashion.

Although the parents normally pay for the flower girl's outfit, if you'd like, you can offer to cover all or part of the cost.


The seamless flow of your wedding party is contingent upon your little attendant collaborating with them. Bridesmaids don't have to match. The bridesmaids and flower girl can look like miniature copies of the bride by dressing them in matching traditional white or ivory gowns instead of having separate dresses for them. You can match your wedding color scheme with the accessories your bridesmaids choose to wear, such as shoes, appliques, lace, bows, sashes, and beading. The color pallet of the modern bride includes pastel, bright, metallic, and dark shades. 


It is advised that young girls attending the event choose flower girl dresses with shorter skirts for their own safety. This holds particularly true for short girls. Floor-length ones or ones with trains would be ideal for older girls who can comprehend basic instructions like "stay still." On the other hand, for uniformity, floor- or knee-length flower girl dresses are the way to go. 


The poorest materials for preventing wiggling and scratching are those that are scratchy, thick, or tight, along with rough edges. Make sure the item you select is not unduly long or short to prevent any mistakes. Blisters can be avoided by wearing sandals or shoes with cushioned soles. When choosing children's clothing, comfort and safety should come first. 

On the big day, your gorgeous flower girl has many duties to complete: 


In traditional procedure, a flower girl is introduced after the ring bearer's optional procession. She carries a basket and throws rose petals or confetti in your direction or into your maid of honor's hands as she walks down the aisle. If you live somewhere where it's against the rules to blow flowers, she might choose to blow bubbles instead. Using a single flower, a small arrangement, a flower ball, or a basket of flowers is an additional choice. 

Although Trish Scully only offers flower girl dress in champagne, red, pink, white, ivory, and eggplant, they do have some possibilities in royal blue, black, and aqua. Additionally, you can customize other components to match the color scheme of your wedding! This demonstrates your proficiency with color coordination, which is necessary for putting together a coordinated ensemble. These gowns are elegant, timeless, and uncomplicated; they frequently feature lace, muted or natural colors, and airy layers of tulle and chiffon or sashes. 

However, move quickly—these flower girl dresses are known to go quickly! It is advised ordering your Trish Scully Flower Girl or ring bearer outfit early in advance of your wedding if you want the greatest fit in the shortest length of time. Don't wait to have your little girl wear the dress of her dreams—Flower girl gowns are currently available at Trish Scully.


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