No classic film character is more iconic than Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." Dorothy is a beloved character that girls of all ages love to dress up as, with her ruby red slippers, pigtails, and blue gingham dress. Browse the extensive collection of Dorothy costumes for girls if you want your little one to feel like a real-life Dorothy and immerse herself in the wonders of Oz. In this article, we will talk about the dorothy costume.

The elegant Dorothy Costume is from Trish Scully. They can play for hours in their comfortable, durable costumes. Their easy-to-use online ordering system lets you browse and buy your favourite best dorothy costume in various sizes to fit your child.

A Tale of Dorothy

Classic "The Wizard of Oz'' has captivated audiences of all ages. A tornado transports Kansas girl Dorothy Gale to Oz. She meets Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion on her way home. An instant classic, Dorothy's blue gingham dress. It represents her innocence and purity as she explores Oz's strange and dangerous land. The Dorothy Dress's white apron and puffy sleeves make it feminine and famous.

Why Should You Opt for a Dorothy Costume?

dorothy costume is a timeless choice when your child wants to dress up as their favourite character for Halloween, costume parties, school plays, or any other occasion. Your little girl would look adorable in a Dorothy costume for the reasons listed below:

Identifying Personality Characteristics:

Thanks to her iconic costume and the immense popularity of "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy is instantly recognizable. People who refer to your child as Dorothy will adore all the attention.

Enduring Allure: 

"The Wizard of Oz" has existed for a long, and Dorothy is still a beloved character. By choosing a Dorothy Dress, your child can feel connected to a beloved classic character who has been around for a long time.

A Positive role model: 

Dorothy is a courageous, loyal, and dogged heroine with great strength and resolve. Your little one can learn to be strong and independent by dressing up as Dorothy.

Deciding on the Ideal Dorothy Costume

There are several important factors to think about when choosing a Dorothy costume for your little girl:

Style of Dress

The dress is the heart of every Dorothy costume. Find a Dorothy-like blue gingham dress. A white, form-fitting bodice, puffy sleeves, and apron are required. Ideal skirts are full, A-line, and just below the knee. 


To round off Dorothy's ensemble, you'll need the following accessories:

Ruby Red Slippers: 

The shoes that Dorothy wears are an integral aspect of her outfit. To finish off the look, search for a pair of ruby-red slippers or red glitter shoes. Red slippers, in all their varieties, are available.


Two braided pigtails are Dorothy's trademark hairstyle. To achieve this look with your child's long hair, part it down the middle and tie a blue ribbon to each side.


Dorothy frequently sees her faithful dog, Toto, riding shotgun with her as they travel through Oz. You should round off your costume with a plush dog or a Toto toy.

Comfort and Size

Get your child's exact size when buying a Dorothy costume. The outfit must be comfortable and flexible. Find well-made costumes made from materials that won't irritate or hurt your skin after long-term use.


Trish Scully excels in costume quality and customer service. They make Dorothy costumes to give your child a lifelong memory. If she wants to travel to Oz, get her a Dorothy costume to fulfil her dreams. You must check their toddler dorothy costume.

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